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you will read this with out incident

i pay it gladly

30 December 1986
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i kick ass bitchs and if you know me i dont need no introduction
anal aggression, army, bands that play, being not sad, best friends, boobs, celbebrating independence day, christian bale, cincinnati reds kicking ass, cincinnti, cleric caster, clicking, cracka please, dayton, die hard, die hardest, dieing hard, doom 3, dreamcatcher, drop kicking, dusty, dusty kick ass club, dvds, element eighty, equalibrium, fbi, friends, gatewaying, girlfriends, girls, girls in thongs, glover, godsmack, greenville, guns, halo, hamilton, hating emos, hating fags, hating goths, hats, independence day, james bonds, john prestion, jumping beans, lil john, made rights, matrix, megadeth, metal, metallica, middletown, middletown high school, my little rainbow, naken women, nazi, neo, nick jaros, not being sick, not liying, notebooks, nuclar bombs, ohio, other goverment orginatzions, paying it gladly, pinball, plugs, riddles, sean casey, secruity, seeing, sex, shoting again, south park, spelling words wrong, standing tall, strippers, stuff, terror, the ariberter, the butter cream gang, the fucking epic, the introduction, thongs, updating, walking tall, watching reds kick ass, women